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Why we only offer private safaris

For most travelers a safari to Tanzania is a once in a lifetime experience, so they want to get the most out of it. The Tanzania Specialist wants to give you an experience of a lifetime and we think the best way to achieve this is on a private safari.

Benefits of private safaris

We used to offer group safaris. However, after a thorough evaluation we found out that the majority of our guests would choose a private safari if they could do it all over again. This is the reason we now only offer private safaris. A private safari allows travelers to explore the country at their own pace, exactly the way they want. If you prefer to watch birds most of the time, start your safari day very early or swim at the lodge, it is all up to you. You will have a private 4WD safari vehicle and guide. So, no compromises. If you like to stop at a waterhole to watch the lions for two hours… that’s possible, or if you mainly wish to see the wildebeest migration your guide can focus on that. A private safari gives you the flexibility to explore Tanzania’s beautiful nature, wildlife and culture on your own term. Let us build an itinerary that suits you perfectly!

Are group safaris much cheaper than private safaris?

The total price of a safari consists of three things: rent of the safari vehicle, entrance fees for the national parks and the accommodation. If you choose a group safari you only safe money on the safari vehicle rent, since you share it with more people. So only 1/3 of the safari will be a bit cheaper. No matter what you choose, a safari does not come cheap. You are going to spend much more than on an average trip.

Ask other travelers to join you on a private safari

Another option is to ask friends, family or colleagues to join you on a safari. If you have more or less the same wishes you could choose to go on a private safari together. You can enjoy the benefits of a private vehicle and guide and share the costs. It is no problem if the people who want to join you on your safari book the tour later than you. The Tanzania Specialist will recalculate the price and refund the difference.


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