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Tanzania Yellow Fever Requirements

Tanzania yellow fever requirements can sometimes seem confusing, but we’re here to help! As a yellow fever-free country, Tanzania is safe to travel when it comes to steering clear of this virus. On this page, we answer all your questions on the yellow fever virus and whether a yellow fever vaccine is required for Tanzania.

tanzania yellow fever vaccination requirements

Do I need a yellow fever vaccination for Tanzania?

Great news: for the vast majority of travellers to this beautiful country, you do not need this vaccine! According to the World Health Organization’s classification, Tanzania currently poses a low risk of yellow fever. If you reside in a country with no risk of yellow fever, then you do not need the yellow fever vaccine as part of your necessary travel vaccinations. 

What is yellow fever?

Yellow fever is a viral disease spread through mosquito bites. Symptoms of yellow fever typically take 3 to 6 days to develop and can include fever, chills, headache and muscle aches. Yellow Fever is serious, with around 15% of people who get yellow fever develop a serious or life-threatening illness.

As Tanzania is safe from yellow fever, if you are directly travelling from Europe or the United States, there are no yellow fever vaccine requirements.
tanzania yellow fever mosquito

Tanzania yellow fever requirements

Proof of yellow fever vaccination is only required upon arrival if you are travelling from a country with a risk of the virus. This list currently does not include any country in Europe and the United States. (View the full list of Yellow Fever high-risk countries).

An important note, however. If you’re transiting through one of the yellow fever high-risk countries for a period of 12 hours or more, you will be required to receive the yellow fever vaccination. If this is the case on your trip to Tanzania, we strongly advise seeing your doctor and checking your Tanzania vaccination requirements with a healthcare professional before travelling.

Receiving the yellow fever vaccination

The yellow fever vaccination is given as a single dose and should be administered at least 10 days before entering a high-risk yellow fever country. A single dose is capable of providing life protection against the yellow fever virus so make sure you receive proof of vaccination from your doctor or health professional. If you are required to receive a yellow fever vaccine before travelling, you will also need to show your proof of vaccination upon arrival in Tanzania. 

Should your doctor recommend against the vaccine due to underlying health issues or other health-related factors, you can still travel to Tanzania with an official letter from the doctor. Showing it to the immigration officer upon arrival would waive the requirement, and your trip will go on as planned.

For more information on requirements for yellow fever vaccinations when travelling in Tanzania, get in touch with the team at Tanzania Specialist.

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