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Safari cost Tanzania – How much does safari cost in Tanzania?

Tanzania is chosen as the world’s best safari country, but it is also an expensive country. Unfortunately we cannot change that. What we can do is give you a breakdown of the costs of a safari, so you get a better understanding. How much does safari cost?

Safari cost Tanzania

The factors that make up for the total cost of a Tanzanian safari:

  • Rent of safari vehicle & private guide
  • Entrance fees for the national parks
  • Accommodation

The first two factors are fixed prices, unless you choose to share the safari vehicle with more people. The entrance fees for the national parks are expensive, for example the costs of driving with a safari jeep in the Ngorongoro Crater are $300 per day excl. $78,50 per person. This makes a safari a costly journey. It is possible to save money on accommodation, depending the level of luxury/exclusiveness you choose.

Safari cost per day

The average costs for a safari are roughly starting from $520,- per person per day if you choose the Silver Class Hotels. Even if you go on safari with 4 people, the costs will be around $450 per person per day.

Why choose Silver Class accommodation

Our Silver Class accommodation has the best price-quality balance. These hotels/lodges/  camps are located at beautiful locations with awesome views and a good service and price. The Silver Class accommodation is surely no budget accommodation. If you choose a budget accommodation you can save $15-30 per day, but you comprise on the quality and location. We always recommend our Silver Class hotels, so you can enjoy the accommodation at its fullest. Tanzania Specialist has 4 staff members who frequently check the accommodations, so we know we offer you the best.

Low-budget accommodation

If you really want to overnight on budget, and the Silver Class hotels are too expensive, we advise you to go camping. Tanzania has a lot of good camping sites where you can stay in small dome tents.

Safari cost Zanzibar

In contrary to safari accommodation on the mainland, Zanzibar is much cheaper. On this tropical island you can stay in our Silver Class accommodation for only $40 per person, per night. The lodge we selected is located at the beach in Zanzibar’s most beautiful village.

We always recommend our guests to determine their safari budget. How much do you want to spend on a safari? And do you like to end your safari with a beach holiday on Zanzibar? It makes it easier to create an itinerary that suits you.

To get a better idea of the costs check our Tanzania Travel offer!


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