Going on a safari has been your dream for a long time, but camping is not your kind of thing? That’s no problem at all: discover the beauty of Tanzania after sunrise and relax in exclusive Diamond Luxury resorts after sunset – the highest standard in the whole country. These authentic, cosy and high-class accommodations will leave none of your wishes unfulfilled. The perfect mix of adventure and luxury is waiting for you.

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Diamond Luxury: exceeding expectations

Explore famous national parks like the Serengeti with its Great Migration, the breathtaking Ngorongoro Crater with countless of animals and out-of-this-world landscapes during the day, and relax in our luxurious Diamond Luxury resorts in the evenings.

Enjoy an authentic atmosphere as well as local delicacies from the best chefs and dream of the next day in the most comfortable beds ever. The perfect luxury holiday!


1. You stay in luxurious accommodations in out-of-this-world locations.

2. You can jump into infinity pools surrounded by stunning nature.

3. You get to relax during messages and spa treatments.

4. You can enjoy exquisite Continental and African cuisine prepared by private chefs.

5. You spend your holiday in absolute tranquillity and privacy and get every wish fulfilled.

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Private travel: the pinnacle of luxury

Sharing is caring. But sometimes you simply want to experience something special by yourself and with your loved ones – and that’s absolutely okay 😉 We make sure that you, and just you, embark on this once-in-a-lifetime journey with the utmost privacy, turning a common safari into the most luxurious experience of your life.

Our team has been specifically selected for their local knowledge, professionalism and expertise. An English-speaking private driver and guide will accompany you on this trip, cater to all your needs, answer all your questions and take you to the best kept secrets of the country. However, it is you who determines how to spend the day: no matter if you want to stay at a waterhole for an hour watching elephants taking a bath or go on the search for this one animal you’ve always wanted to see.

And if you want to spend less time travelling and more time exploring, you can turn your safari into a flying safari – exclusivity galore. By private plane you’ll go from one Tanzanian highlight to the next, adding a special spark to your East African safari experience.


A meeting of the special kind


During your private travel you have the chance to meet very special people. Tanzania is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world with more than 120 ethnic groups living here. The most famous are, of course, the Maasai who have sparked people’s interest for centuries. Visit them, or tribes like the Hadzabe Bushmen, the Chaga farmers or the Nyamwezi, in their homes and catch an exclusive glimpse of their everyday life, traditions and ancient customs.

Discover your own paradise

After some exciting and unforgettable days during your safari in the savannah, you can relax in a luxurious five star all-inclusive resort on Zanzibar.

Imagine having your feet in the warm, pearly white sand during dinner while the sun is setting on the horizon. Or waking up to the splashing waves of the Indian Ocean right in front of your doorstep. Or relaxing in a hammock underneath the palm trees with a cocktail in your hand.

If, however, you’re still in explorer mode, you can also fill your days in this paradise with plenty of activities.


What to do on Zanzibar?

  • Discover Stone Town and learn more about the island’s long history.
  • Enjoy a private sunset dhow cruise.
  • Go snorkelling and diving and marvel at stunningly beautiful coral reefs.
  • Visit caves and forests and their furry inhabitants.
  • Take a cooking class so that you can take home the taste of Zanzibar.


To be honest, it doesn’t really matter how you’re going to spend your days on Zanzibar: here you’ll feel like you’re in heaven and get spoilt with a gorgeous flora and fauna, culinary highlights and luxury at its best.

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