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Why choose Tanzania Specialist for your safari?

There are so many tour operators to choose from. Why choose us? Although other tour operators also bring you to the national parks, the safari experience can be totally different. We give you all the reasons why you should choose Tanzania Specialist for your safari.


  1. Local tour operator based in Arusha (Tanzania)
    One of the main benefits is that we are not dependent on local operators since we have our own office and team in Arusha. We arrange and control the entire journey from A to Z. Moreover the team consists mainly of Tanzanians who know the country and culture.
  2. Private Safaris
    We offer customized private safaris, so you can explore the country at your own pace, exactly the way you want! It offers an enormous flexibility to have your vehicle and guide. You decide where to go, when and how long. It’s all about you.
  3. World class safari guides
    Our guides are highly trained and experienced. We select our guides carefully – only 10% of the candidates pass our selection procedures.
  4. Expert advice
    Our professional travel consultants are experts in Tanzania Safaris, Kilimanjaro climbs and Zanzibar beach holidays. From the planning of your safari to the last day of your journey, they are there for you. They can advise you about accommodation, the best places to visit, planning of the game drives and everything else involving your safari.
  5. Best value for money
    We offer high quality private safaris at affordable prices.
  6. Safari vehicles
    Our 4-wheel drive safari vehicles are comfortable, well maintained and offer excellent viewing opportunities due to the extra-large windows and pop-up roofs.
  7. No limit on drive distance
    Unlike most other safari companies, we have no game drive mileage. That is why we can bring you to beautiful remote places where other tour operators won’t go.

What a lot of tour operators do?

  • After arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport they transport their guests to Karatu for overnight (200 km drive from airport). It means guests have to drive another 4 hours in the dark after a long flight. In case of a visit to Tarangire National Park the next day, guests have to drive 80 km back.
  • Drive from the Serengeti to Karatu, via the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (250 km) to return to the Ngorongoro the next day for a game drive.
  • They have a mileage limit on game drives, so guests cannot go anywhere they want. Moreover, guides have to pay the fuel themselves if they exceed the mileage.

You will probably understand that things like this have a negative effect on your safari experience. While you can see all the national parks, you have to rush and spend a lot of time on the road outside the parks. This way you do not get the most out of your safari.

How is this possible?

Unfortunately this all has to do with competition. To keep their business alive local tour operators have to offer travel agencies good (cheap) prices. The only way they can offer these cheap prices is by bringing their guests to their own hotels. The location of these hotels is not always on route, so they have to drive extra miles. This results in longer drives,  guest have to depart earlier from the parks and the game drives will be shorter. Not to mention the limit on drive distance that a lot of tour operators set.


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