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Tanzania Travel Advice

Safety Tanzania

”I want to go to Tanzania, but is it safe?” is a question that regularly comes back. Our answer is : YES! Tanzania is a safe country to travel to. Tanzania is known as one of Africa’s safest countries, especially when you go on an organised safari with a private guide. About a million tourists visit Tanzania every year and most of them do not face any incidents. But as with many tourist destinations, there are some things to be aware of before you go. Check the Tanzania safety tips.

Tanzanian population

What about the Tanzanian population? Tanzanian people are known for their hospitality. They are very friendly and helpful. Tourism is an important source of income and therefore Tanzanian welcome visitors to experience their beautiful nature, wildlife and culture. Meeting the locals is one of the best ways to really learn more about a country.

Visa Tanzania

Your visa can be requested online trough this link. This is the only official link from the Tanzanian
government: Since 2 januari 2020 visas can’t be requested anymore trough embassies. This option is practical as you do not have to wait for your visa at your arrival and can start your holiday in Tanzania in a relax way. This is even more important when you visit Tanzania during dry season (peak time). Check the visa rules before you go.

Most nationalities can also get a tourist visa on arrival in Tanzania at the border ($50 per person, US Citizens $100 per person). This visa for Tanzania is valid for a period of three months.

Passport requirements

Passports should have at least six months of validity after the final day of travel.

Vaccinations Tanzania

You need to be vaccinated against Yellow Fever and you also need to have a Cholera stamp if you travel to Tanzania. Recommended in Tanzania: Hepatitis A and DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio). We advise you to contact your doctor before leaving and get the necessary shots.

Time difference

Los Angeles: – 10 hours
New York: – 7 hours
London: -3 hours
Berlin: – 2 hours
Hong Kong: +5 hours
Sydney: + 8 hours

Currency Tanzania

The Tanzanian Shilling is the official currency of Tanzania. You can use the Tanzanian Shilling for smaller expenses like shopping at local markets, restaurants and super markets. The US dollar is in all places used too, especially at tourist areas  where they prefer dollars over local currency. 1 US Dollar is about 2250,- Tanzanian Shilling.

Language in Tanzania

In Tanzania, people speak Swahili and English. Perfect for all our English-speaking travelers!

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