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Tanzania Holiday for Couples

Imagine you and your special someone chasing lions in the Serengeti or exploring the depths of the Ngorongoro Crater. You fall asleep together under the starry sky and wake up by the rising sun. Or you simply enjoy some us-time on the pearly white beaches of Zanzibar and in its most romantic resorts.

No matter if you’ve just tied the knot or have been together for ages – chances are your love for (romantic) adventures connects you. Our activities and Tanzania holidays for couples give you just that… and so much more!

In your very own safari jeep and with your personal guide and driver you’ll discover the country’s most beautiful national parks. Our highly-experienced guides know all the best spots and thanks to their laserbeam eyes, they can even find that one special animal you’ve always wanted to see from kilometers away. Don’t worry about finding the right route (so no fights over that!) and simply focus on each other and the amazing landscape and animals around you.

In this article we’ve put together the ultimate must-sees and must-dos for your couple holiday or honeymoon in Tanzania, which will elevate your trip to the next romantic level.


Romantic Adventures

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Flying high over the world-famous Serengeti in a hot air balloon is an experience that you’ll cherish forever. Just after sunrise, when the animals are most active, you fly over the plains with nothing but the sound of the occasional blow into the balloon. Usually, you share the basket with other people, but if you have some money to spare you can even book it for just the two of you! No matter what this adventure eventually looks like for you, it will certainly lift you up to cloud nine 😉

Private Sunset Cruise

Sail towards the sunset on the Indian Ocean! This sunset cruise might just be the perfect opportunity to propose to your loved one or, at the very least, it will create a special memory. With snacks and drinks (or even a delicious dinner) and the sun setting on the horizon, this is the pinnacle of romance!

Wedding Ceremony with the Maasai

Extend your wedding you had at home or renew your vows in a traditional Maasai wedding ceremony in the middle of the savannah! The women of the tribe dress and adorn the bride with traditional clothing and jewellery and take her into a wedding boma. The warriors take the groom to meet the bride, after which an elder blesses you. The entire tribe welcomes you as a married couple – including singing, dancing and eating goat meat, the last step of a Maasai wedding.


Exciting Adventures for Couples in Tanzania

Walk from Empakai Crater to Lake Natron

Just the two of you, a couple of donkeys and some Maasai somewhere in the middle of nowhere. The Empakai Crater is a smaller crater in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area a few hours drive from the famous Ngorongoro Crater. The road stops right at the crater and together you start walking. After two nights under the starry sky you reach the barren but magical landscape of Lake Natron. Here you’ll have the feeling that you are the only few people left on this earth. Until you reach your lodge, of course, where you can enjoy well-deserved massage and a delicious dinner.

Walking Safaris

If you want to dive even deeper into the Tanzanian flora and fauna, join a walking safari. Guided by an armed ranger you get to meet the country’s famous wildlife up close and see little animals like insects, birds and rodents you’d normally miss in a safari jeep. The excitement of walking in the middle of the savannah or in a jungle full of wild animals will surely strengthen the bond between you.

Night Safaris

Night safaris add just that bit of excitement to a safari, as you drive into parks like Arusha National Park or Lake Manyara National Park in the darkness of the night! Luckily, your safari jeep is equipped with a searchlight so that you can spot all the nocturnal animals. And should your loved one get startled by the sound of the animals, just move a little bit closer to each other and all will be fine.

Climb the Kilimanjaro

Okay, climbing the Kilimanjaro might not be private nor romantic. After all, you’ll be joined by guides, porters and cooks. However, sharing a climb with your partner can definitely strengthen the connection between you. Feeling exhausted, pushing each other to not give up and eventually reaching Uhuru Peak together create the memory of a lifetime. And if you still like each other’s smell after four or five days of not showering, you might just be meant to be together!


Where to Stay? 4 Romantic Ideas for Couples in Tanzania

Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

This beautifully designed lodge is located in the treetops of Lake Manyara, right in the middle of the jungle. Each treehouse welcomes you with a cozy sitting room, a comfy bed, an enormous outside deck, a freestanding tub and a shower surrounded by tree branches. Enjoy complete privacy and spot all the wildlife in the trees around you with the lodge’s Swarovski binoculars (not adorned with crystals).

Emerson Spice Hotel in Stone Town

The Emerson Spice Hotel in Stone Town truly resembles the fairytales of 1001 Arabian Nights. The rooms are decorated in an Arabic style with luxurious fabrics and warm colors, and the sounds of Stone Town floating in through open windows along with the sea breeze. Sleeping here will feel like you have gone back in time. Celebrate your love in the L’amour Toujours suite or indulge in a courtesan’s boudoir called Violetta. Enjoy romantic dinners in the Secret Garden or on the rooftop terrace. Here, one of the city’s best restaurants offers views over the corrugated roofs of Stone Town with the blue of the Indian Ocean in the distance.

Mnemba Island Lodge

Mnemba Island is THE romantic getaway. With just a few private bandas on a small island, this place makes you feel like a successful Robinson Crusoe couple – stranded, happy and making it work! From your bed you dive straight into the crystal clear water of the Indian Ocean surrounded by amazing coral reefs. Enjoy your outside shower, your double sunbed and each other. Dinner will be served on a table dug into the beach sand with the water touching your feet and the endless stars above you.

Fanjove Island

This beautiful small island just south of Mafia Island is another perfect romantic getaway. Only reachable by a small plane and then a boat, this island offers ten beautifully designed beach villas with the utmost privacy. However luxuriously appointed the villas might be, this is where you live a relatively simple beach life, as your accommodation is directly located on the white sandy beach. From your bed you can dive straight into the blue Indian Ocean and join tropical fish and turtles on their morning swim. After a relaxing day in paradise you can enjoy a yummy dinner in an old, renovated lighthouse.


You’ve already fallen in love with the idea of spending some time together or maybe even your honeymoon in Tanzania? Then get in touch and we’ll start planning the romantic and adventurous holiday of your dreams!

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