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Discover Tanzania with Friends

You and your besties are always on the lookout for new adventures? Then get ready for big smiles and eyes, because Tanzania has just that for you… plus a stunning flora and fauna… plus a mesmerizing culture… plus music, dance and party.

If you’re adventurous, you can climb the famous Kilimanjaro, dive into the unique national parks during breathtaking safaris and go swimming with whale sharks on Mafia Island (don’t worry, they’re vegan).

If you fancy a tad more relaxation and luxury during your holiday, simply pick lodges that pamper you after your safari (yes, you have to do one!). Heck, you could even fly from one highlight to the next instead of drive!

And should you want to enjoy the Tanzanian nightlife, simply head over to Stone Town or Jambiani on Zanzibar, where history is beautifully combined with relaxing beach days, beach fires and beach parties.

Whatever you prefer to do, discovering Tanzania with your friends will be a memory that will connect you forever.

Adventures in Nature

Safari with friends… wherever

When in Tanzania, you have to put a safari on your itinerary. You simply have to. Witness the Great Migration in the world-famous Serengeti, explore the depths of the Ngorongoro Crater or discover the hidden beauties of the lesser-known Ruaha National Park. Tanzania is home to several national parks, you just have to pick your faves. And wherever you end up going on a safari, remember: hold your friends close, and your camera closer 😉

Ruaha national park elephant

Wildlife Residence Arusha

Should you have been flirting with the idea of going to Arusha, the Wildlife Residence might just be perfect for you and your friends. This charming and environmentally-friendly lodge has it all: golf and polo with a view on the Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, horse safaris among zebras, wildebeests, elands and the rare gerenuks, sundowners on the terrace. Sounds perfect? That’s because it is!

Rundugai Hot Springs

No matter if you’re a travel influencer or not – this instagrammable wonder of nature is a must-see! Located between Arusha and Moshi, the crystal blue water of these springs is almost too beautiful to be true. Relax in this natural gem, take countless of pictures in, at and under the water and swing into it with some ropes. This is fabby fun at its finest!

Visit local tribes

The Maasai are probably one of the most-famous tribes in the world and of course you can go and visit them in their homes. If you want to take your cultural experience up a notch, go hunting with the Hadzabe. However, we have to warn you: this is not for the faint-hearted, since you might see animals get shot by arrows. Still, being part of this unique tribe and getting to know their customs and click language is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Those who want to learn even more about the Hadzabe and neighboring Datooga tribe can even opt for an overnight camping experience in their territory. During the day you venture into the wilderness with a few members of the tribe, in the evening you gather around a campfire. You all share a yummy meal and fun stories and fall asleep under the stars. The tents are simply made of mosquito netting, but pamper you with proper duvets and mattresses 😉

Swim with whale sharks

No matter if you’re an experienced diver or on-holiday-snorkeler: swimming with whale sharks is an adventure for anyone. On Mafia Island you can go deep from November to March and meet these gentle giants of the sea in their natural habitat, a truly humbling experience. And should you want to see more, you can also snorkel along the beautiful coral reefs of the island’s marine park or simply keep your eyes open for humpback whales swimming along the coast.

These are just some of the countless activities waiting for you in Tanzania. From hot air balloon safaris to treetop walks and sunset cruises – check out all activities here… after finishing this article, of course 😉


Highlights in the Cities

Stone Town

This historical capital of Zanzibar is known for its vibrant atmosphere, live concerts and amazing rooftop bars and restaurants. However, it also has a rich heritage and is filled with little shops and markets that want to be explored. Around sunset the city truly comes to life. Enjoy your sundowner(s) on the rooftops of Emerson Spice, Upendo House or the Taarab Restaurant on top of DoubleTree by Hilton Zanzibar and grab a market-style snack at the Forodhani Gardens. You can also start your evening by watching the locals somersaulting into the ocean before enjoying your dinner.

Our tip: the Livingstone Bar. Located directly at the beach, you can sip your sundowners (half price!) with your feet in the sand, listen to live music and watch acrobats and locals dancing at sunset.

Straatje in stonetown in zanzibar, tanzania

Sauti Za Busara

Traditional and contemporary African music played live in an old fort in the middle of Stone Town. This is Sauti za Busara, an amazing festival that takes place every year in February. So plan your holiday accordingly and book your tickets early for what might be the most amazing little festival you will ever attend!

Jambiani and Paje on Zanzibar

These two villages in the East of Zanzibar are your go-to-locations (literally) if you want to experience the true tropical beach life. With plenty of little restaurants, bars and resorts, there is always party or live music to be found. During the day you can just relax at the pool or have fun together at some watersport activity. You could also go for a bike ride, on a spice tour or visit the Kua Cave. And of course you can go snorkeling, bask in the sun and swim in the glistening sea.

Mr. Kahawa

The best lounge spot in the middle of Paje: relax directly at the beach, jump into the pool and share one of the simple rooms with your buddies. If you crave something more luxurious, there are also some beautifully designed lofts to sleep in. And of course they serve coffee (“kahawa” is Swahili for “coffee”), for those lazy hot mornings that follow the cool and joyous tropical nights.

Kendwa Full Moon Party

If you’re lucky enough to be in Zanzibar during a full moon, you cannot miss out on the Kendwa Full Moon Party. Right on the beach, this party is livened up by DJs, a beautiful crowd and a great atmosphere. What an ending (or beginning) to another unforgettable holiday with your BFFs 😉


You can’t wait to grab your friends and head to Tanzania now? Then share this article in your WhatsApp group, decide on what you want to do (hint: you don’t have to do the same things all the time) and get in touch. We’ll work out the perfect itinerary for you and your best friends and sooner rather than later you’ll find yourself exploring, snorkeling, swimming, dancing, partying, relaxing…


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