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5 Luxury Zanzibar restaurants

One of those delightfully exotic names that conjures up intrigue, spices, and tropical heat is Zanzibar. All of these and more are true! Enjoy everything this magical island has to offer, and don’t forget to visit one of luxury Zanzibar restaurants.

Beach destination with amazing restaurants

If you have gone on safari in Tanzania‘s main island, it is likely that you will choose this beach destination as your vacation spot.

And with great vacation destinations, comes even better food!

5 Luxury Zanzibar Restaurants

We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best Zanzibar restaurants that you need to try while on holiday. These hotspots for delicious cuisine are sure to stay with you for many years to come.

1. Terrace Seafood Restaurant

The Terrace Seafood Restaurant is among the best on the island for amazing cuisine.

The restaurant in Stone Town has a great assortment of freshly caught seafood and is situated on a roof terrace with views of the bay.

Expect to pay prices that are more comparable to those found abroad, but trust us, the quality and location won’t let you down!

2. 6 Degrees South

This Zanzibar restaurant’s broad menu showcases the rich flavors of Spice Island, whether it’s the catch of the day, a beef barbecue, or something exotic like the coconut-dusted octopus.

The rooftop bar offers incredible views while you eat a plate of something wonderful.

3. Taarab Restaurant

In an intimate atmosphere with live music and breathtaking sea views, Taarab Restaurant serves a variety of regional and international cuisines.

It offers a wide selection of foods for different dietary preferences. Enjoy the live music while you chow down on the crab soup, fish curry, lamb kofta, mezze, or any of the other delectable delicacies.

4. Badolina Secret Garden Restaurant

This restaurant is a must-visit if you’re staying in Nungwi because of the excellent food, quick service, welcoming atmosphere, and live music.

As an appetizer, consider the tuna and hummus platter with carrot, tzatziki, and chimichurri sauce. When it comes to fresh and delectable food, it’s the real deal.

5. The Rock Zanzibar

The Rock Zanzibar

The Rock is situated on the Michamwi Pingwe peninsula, southeast of the island.

This Zanzibar restaurant has quickly established itself as a must-visit location for tourists. This thatched eatery, which may be reached by foot at low tide and by boat at high tide, is located on a rocky outcrop, as its name suggests.

In addition to unexpectedly fine pasta and more international cuisine, it serves wonderful seafood. Although it’s expensive for Zanzibar, it is totally worth it!

Final Thoughts: what is the best restaurant in Zanzibar?

It’s not hard to find incredible food on the island of Zanzibar. The island is full of amazing restaurants that serve delicious cuisine and exceptional service.

During your next holiday in Zanzibar, take advantage of this guide and dine in one of these fantastic Zanzibar restaurants. You definitely won’t be disappointed!