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Top 10 Zanzibar Food Dishes To Try For Your Luxury Visit

Zanzibar is probably most famous for its beautiful white beaches, and sparkling clear blue oceans. But have you ever tasted Zanzibar food?

Beautiful beaches and incredible food

The areas of natural beauty are more than enough to attract you to Zanzibar, and have you eager to pursue a luxury visit to this area.

However, something else that Zanzibar is incredibly famous for is its food.

In particular, Forodhani Gardens in Stone Town is a great place to try local Zanzibar food.

Top 10 Zanzibar Food Dishes to Try For Your Luxury Visit

There are a number of delicious dishes that hail from Zanzibar. So, if you are planning on visiting this area, you have to give this food a try.

Keep on reading to find out what food you should try during your luxury visit!

Top 10 Zanzibar food dishes

1. Zanzibar Pizza

Let’s kick this off this list of Zanzibar food with a dish everyone likes: pizza! All across the world, there are different takes on the traditional Italian pizza, and this is Zanzibar’s own version.

It is very unique, but very delicious too!

Zanzibar pizza is made by taking some dough, and forming it into a ball.

The ball of dough should then be stuffed with your desired fillings so that they are in the center of the ball.

This ball is then cooked like a crêpe, so that it is crispy on the top and bottom, and cut into small squares before being eaten.

2. Coconut Bean Maharage

Coconut bean maharage is a dish that is enjoyed across most of Tanzania, but for the most authentic bowl of this tasty meal, you should head to Zanzibar.

This vegetarian dish is low fat, and packed with nutritious ingredients. It is often referred to as brown beans in coconut, and is popularly enjoyed alongside rice or ugali.

Coconut bean maharage is a great dish to enjoy during your trip to Zanzibar if you want to eat clean, and feel healthy. It is vegan too!

So, if you are somebody who is vegan, and struggling to find something to eat during your trip, this is the perfect meal for you.

3. Octopus and Fried Cassava

In many countries, octopus is seen as a luxury meal, and the same can be said in Tanzania. In Zanzibar, octopus is usually boiled and then served alongside fried cassava.

If you want a dish that is jam-packed with different flavors, this is the one for you! We realize that octopus isn’t for everybody, however if you are eager to immerse yourself within Tanzanian culture, you should taste this dish during your trip to Zanzibar.

4. Chips Mayai

Chips Mayai: a top Zanzibar food dish

French fries are seen as fast-food across much of the USA, but in Zanzibar, they are used to create this delicious Chips Mayai recipe. Essentially, this recipe takes French fries and eggs and creates an omelet using these ingredients.

Most people associate omelets with breakfast, but this dish can be enjoyed at any time of the day. But our favorite thing about this recipe is that you can easily replicate it yourself again when you get home!

5. Urojo Soup

Urojo soup has an incredibly unique flavor that is created using potatoes, limes, and seasonings. It is a popular street snack in Zanzibar, and it is regularly enjoyed by people at the 5 pm mark.

Urojo has quite a simple recipe, but it is packed with flavor. It is savory, yet spicy, and utterly delicious. You definitely need to try it during your trip!

6. Wali Na Maharage

You should also take time to enjoy the National dish of Tanzania during your trip to Zanzibar. Wali Na Maharage is created using beans that are cooked in coconut milk, and served alongside maize.

This dish is incredibly simple, but it is delicious too! Sometimes, the most simple dishes are the best, and that is why you need to give this recipe a try.

7. Mishkaki

Quite a lot of the recipes that we have looked at so far have been designed to be vegan/vegetarian. But, if you prefer meat, you have to give Mishkaki a try.

Mishkaki is created using beef and a variety of different seasonings. Essentially, the beef is seasoned and then cooked similarly to a shish kebab. This is the perfect dish to choose during your trip to Zanzibar if you want to play it safe.

8. Vitumbua

If you want to try a Tanzanian dish that is a little sweeter, then Vitumbua is made for you. This dish is essentially a Tanzanian spin on donuts, which is quick and easy to make.

All the dishes that we have looked at so far have been savory, so if you fancy something sweet – opt for this dish. Did we mention that it is vegan too?

9. Zanzibar Biryani And Pilau

Zanzibar Biryani and Pilau

Alternatively, if you want to give a rice dish a try, then this Zanzibar Biryani and Pilau dish is perfect.

This recipe is perfect if you love Indian food, because it contains a lot of spices that are commonly found in this cuisine.

Just like quite a few of the recipes in this guide, Zanzibar biryani is suitable for vegetarians. So, it is a great choice if you don’t want to eat any meat.

10. Mandazi

Finally, we have Mandazi. Mandazi is a sweet recipe that actually tastes a little like Vitumbua.

Just like Vitumbua, Mandazi is fairly similar to what we would consider to be donuts.

So, if you weren’t too big a fan of Vitumbua, you should give Mandazi a try during your trip to Zanzibar.

Summary: the best Zanzibar food

In short, in this guide, we have taken a look at 10 luxury dishes that you have to try during your holiday to Zanzibar for a truly authentic experience.

Thanks for reading!

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