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The Serengeti Safari Marathon 2022: latest news

The luxury travel experts at Tanzania Specialist are proud to report a successful 5th edition of the Serengeti Safari Marathon. One of the wildest marathons on the planet, the 2022 race took place around the Serengeti National Park on 12th November. More than 1000 participants were reportedly involved in this year’s event, including nine of the Tanzania Specialist local and international team members.

One of the most unique destination marathons in the world, the Serengeti is located in northern Tanzania and is one of Africa’s most treasured natural wonders. The Serengeti Safari Marathon offers four different routes attracting a wide range of professional and amateur runners, from the 42km full marathon to a 5km fun run. Each course begins at 0500 at the iconic Ndabaka Gate at the western entrance to the Serengeti National Park, giving participants and supporters a chance to soak up a glorious African sunrise on their way to the start line in the early morning.

Serengeti Safari Marathon morning lion spotting Tanzania

Tanzania Specialist at the Serengeti Safari Marathon 2022

Event organisers work closely with National Park Rangers to ensure that all routes within the Serengeti National Park are under close supervision and protection during the race. The continued growth and success of the marathon are not only about offering a unique experience to professional and amateur runners. As Director of the Serengeti Safari Marathon, Timothy Mdinka stated to local news sources: sustainable conservation and the growth of regional economic opportunities in Tanzania’s most beautiful destinations are at the centre of the event’s purpose.

The Serengeti Safari Marathon arranged several events leading up to the race with the marathon’s main partners, Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) and Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB). The schedule focused on how tourism and conservation can go hand in hand to preserve precious areas like the Serengeti for future generations. This included the Conservation Talk, where noted conservationists share their knowledge on Tanzania’s critical conservation and environmental issues.

Nine participating team members from the local and international offices of Tanzania Specialist visited the race for the first time this year. All members happily crossed the finish line with great times, including Faisal Bakari and James Dismas from the Reservations and Knowledge Support departments, who ran the 21km half marathon. “This was a fantastic opportunity for the team to come together from far and wide to soak up the best of Tanzania’s spectacular environments and do our part to contribute to the ongoing protection of the Serengeti National Park,” says Robbin Meulemans, Co-Founder of Tanzania Specialist.

Serengeti Safari Marathon photos 2022 Tanzania Specialist record numbers Tanzania Specialist Serengeti Safari Marathon 2022 Tanzania Specialist Serengeti Safari Marathon 2022 Tanzania Specialist Serengeti Safari Marathon 2022

“As a trusted travel company in Tanzania, we understand that the great wilds of Tanzania need protecting and preserving,” Robbin continues. “That’s why we’re dedicated to sustainable business practices and actively contributing to environmental projects throughout the country. Promoting conversation around conservation and community is what the Serengeti Safari Marathon is all about.”

With a commitment to the community and a growing attraction from local and international athletes, Tanzania can look forward to watching the Serengeti Safari Marathon go from strength to strength as more and more people put Tanzania firmly on their travel and sporting radar.

A complete image selection from the Serengeti Safari Marathon is available for download at this link, credit Tanzania Specialist. For more information on discovering Tanzania with Tanzania Specialist or to speak with a Tanzania Specialist guide on the ground for interviews regarding the Serengeti Safari Marathon, destination-specific content and more, contact the team at


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