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Top 10 Tanzania Safari Lodges For Your Luxury Escape

If you want to get away from the daily grind of life and want to go on a vacation that takes your mind off it, we hear you, and there are plenty of ways you can make your safari escape something exciting and meaningful to you.

So, when you return, you feel revitalized and full of stories that you can share, as if you go on a Tanzanian safari, you won’t want to stop talking about your experience there.

Top 10 Tanzania Safari Lodges For Your Luxury Escape

But what lodges are going to ensure that you get the best views and, more importantly, allow you to partake in the best activities that are great for a group or the family, as you can create some great memories here.

In this article, we outline the ten best safari lodges in the region that allow you to see the plains in different ways and see and come face to face with some magnificent animals.

Read on to find out how you can have the best escape imaginable.

The 10 Best Safari Lodges In Tanzania

1. Serengeti Sound Of Silence

Here is an area that is a 40-minute drive from the Seronera airstrip, and on the way to this exclusive lodge, you’ll see why this destination is adored and visited by many nature and wildlife enthusiasts, so you’ll be in good company here.

You have an arrangement of nicely placed tents that give you striking views while being slap-bang in the middle of the Serengeti National Park, so brace yourself for some unique encounters with the likes of zebras and hyenas close by.

You can also find some special sunset views, which are a nice way to settle down with ale carte meals, so you can opt for a homemade pizza with a side of grilled veggies, with ingredients being delivered fresh every day, plus you can get tea and coffee refreshments all day.

2. Nimali Serengeti

Situated near the northeast of the Serengeti and close to the Ikorongo game reserve, you have here a lodge that takes the immersion with nature to a whole new level, so you can take it easy knowing that you have a lot of modern living features with an authentic experience.

Even though this camp is peaceful, you’ll find the tents and the overall camp that offers you close-quartered dining areas that will feel as if they are made for you, with furnishings you’ll fall in love with and have a minimal impact on the environment.

With national parks, a hippo pool, and balloon tours on offer, you have more ways to see the various elephant, cheetahs, lions, and so much more, as you can see these at your own pace.

3. Namiri Plains

If you’re a keen big cat enthusiast, it’s hard to ignore the view of them you can find here as this lodge is tucked into the corner of the Serengeti and with personal game guides that can show you the best picture-taking opportunities, there is plenty to appreciate.

You can also go on walking safaris, where you can navigate the trail, which can be identified by the various animals you’ll see, such as gazelles, antelopes, and buffalo, which you can get up close and personal, so you can feel in the moment, which can be very exhilarating.

It’s the people here, though, that make this stay worth it, as the boma gathering before dinner gives you a chance to get to know other visitors and staff as you compare your experiences of that day.

4. Manyara Best View Lodge

Manyara Best View Lodge - one of the best safari lodges in Tanzania

From first impressions, we are loving the villa-type design of this lodge, which is located right on top of the rift valley escarpment, where you’ll catch a stunning view of the lake Manyara and a glance at Kilimanjaro that towers in scale at a further distance.

You have your pick from silver, golden, and platinum rooms that are designed with the local culture in mind, with a lot of organic-looking and hand-made features that will have you in awe.

You have the lake Manyara treetop walkway and Tanzania zipline adventure center for those who want to go off the beaten track and start their own adventures, so there’s plenty to get involved with.

5. Jabali Ridge

Adventure awaits at this camp, as you will be situated in the Ruaha National Park, which has plains and national parks for as far as the eye can see, so you’ll feel as if you’ve genuinely escaped with just you, the wilderness, and a converge of mighty baobabs and shrubs.

Whether you’re relaxing in the camp or out for a tour, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of a lion, elephant, buffalo, and endangered African wild dogs, which makes for insightful viewing.

You get an en-suite bathroom, swimming pool, spa, and even WiFi, but we’ll doubt you’ll want to be on your devices for too long when you see the variety of activities that are on offer.

6. Sayari Camp

We move now to the north of the Serengeti National Park, and if seeing the wildebeest crash across the Mara river as part of the annual migration is something on your bucket list, this camp is the perfect place to see it unfold. 

You’ll notice the tents at the camp have a cabin-like aesthetic to them, so make yourself at home with the amenities you’ve come to expect, and you can even request a friendly early morning wake-up call with tea and coffee delivered to you. 

There is also the opportunity for you to unwind after your game drive at the pool or local spa, and why not take a look at the safari shop, as you can be sure to find something nice?

7. The Highlands Ngorongoro

Here is a camp that is situated at the Ngorongoro crater and gives you a private yet highly placed on the slopes of the Olmoti crater, which is the highest view you can experience in the area, so if you love a good view, you’ll not want to skip past this one.

The suites are perspex and canvas domed, giving you an all-around view at all times, giving you the immersion that you didn’t know was possible.

You can expect activities that range from solo travels, safaris, natural wonders, or maybe a trip to see the local Maasai cultured communities.

8. Manyara Tree Lodge

Here is an option for those who want to go fully native, as you have luxury tree-house suites that blend in well with the surrounding forest, with the sounds and sights of wildlife that is sure to compliment your stay and give you exclusivity and a sense of rejuvenation.

You will get some unique views of a range of habitats and can catch glimpses of tree-climbing lions and families of elephants, with a chance to see some bright flamingoes near the shores of the nearby lake.

You get a unique safari experience as you’ll have access to fact sheets and binoculars for the best way to learn and see these magnificent animals in both the morning and evening.

9. Singita Sasakwa

Here is an Edwardian-styled manor house that will allow you a sophisticated and luxurious experience, with grand entrances and wraparound verandas that offer a good view of the vast landscape and neighboring areas like the Motukeri and Nyakitono villages.

You also get many comforts, including fireplaces, living rooms, and comfortable furnishings and all this comes with a front-row seat to the 350,000-acre Singita Grumeti reserve.

Not only this, but you get a chance to explore the depths of the Serengeti, bush walks, wellness treatments, and some tennis, for more ways to unwind, so where are you going to start?

10. Mara River Tented Camp

Our final destination is a camp that is placed by the majestic Mara river and gives you a different type of safari experience as you can explore the 98,000 acres of the nature reserve, and with a smaller visitor capacity, you also get a service that feels personal.

You can find excellent views whether you’re lounging on the netted beds or making tracks in the national park, and with a smaller area, you get to observe the animals you desire most.

You can encounter hippos, crocodiles, big cats, giraffes, and wildebeests in a way that doesn’t put too much pressure on the environment and is excellent for those who want an experience that is out of the way.


You have many options here, but before you settle on one stay, you should be aware that any tours, excursions, and activity centers might require you to book prior to your arrival to avoid any disappointments which you want to avoid as much as possible.

You also get to see these national parks from unique perspectives, so whether you want a panoramic view or a simple spot near a river, you can decide how close you want to be in the midst of the action.

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