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Mourning the world-renown Scarface

Everybody had heard of of Scarface the lion. The scar around his eye made him an icon, but now the king of the savannah has died, at the age of 14.


We have sad news from the animal kingdom. Scarface, the world-famous lion, has left us. In 2012, the then 4-year-old lion was struck with a spear by a Maasai warrior, when encroaching on his territory. The injury left a scar over his right eye. Since then, the big cat has been nicknamed Scar, or Scarface. His name has made him the most famous lion in the world (shoutout to The Lion King’s Scar). For years he was the head of his pack in the Maasai Mara game reserve in Kenya. His rule prevailed until 1pm on June 11th 2021, when he took his last breath. 

According to conservationists, he died a natural death. He had already become leaner and increasingly sickly over the last few years. Scar is to be considered lucky, as lions usually don’t live longer than 8-15 years in the wilderness.  

The Mara Predator Conservation Organization affirms that Scar had a peaceful death.  


”He died in peace without the distraction of vehicles or hyenas. We were the only ones in the field by his side, trying to support him…”


Kenya and the whole world mourn him today. He was incredibly admired and was a symbolic icon. Scarface even starred in movies (well, documentaries). Many know him from the BBC documentary “Big Cat Diary”. He even has his own Facebook page. What kind of lion can say the same?

Even if he is no longer among us, the memories of him remain in our hearts forever.


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