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5 Luxury Hotels In Zanzibar You Must Consider For Your Escape

Do you feel like you need a good escape from everyday life? A relaxing and stunning region like Zanzibar is an excellent destination for yourself or you and your family. Here, you’ll find many amenities and activities that appeal to most types of people, whether you want to spend your time sightseeing or unwinding by the pool.

You might be gearing up to have your flight arranged, and everything seems well at this point, but what about your accommodation when you set foot in Zanzibar? How can you find a hotel that has luxury and many of the comforts of home?

5 Luxury Hotels In Zanzibar You Must Consider For Your Escape

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best luxury hotels in Zanzibar – and in many areas of the island that are going to make your escape even more comfortable and revitalizing. Read on to make your next vacation one to remember.

The 5 Best Hotels In Zanzibar

1. Melia Zanzibar

Melia Zanzibar

We start with a resort that is located on the northeast coast of Zanzibar, where you can find stretches of pearl-white beaches that have views of the Indian ocean.

You also have light and airy interiors, so wherever you sit, you have modern installations with five-star ratings in terms of class and level of service, as the team is said to be friendly, full of energy, and show their pride, whether they’re behind the bar or showing people around.

Take this hotel in your stride, as you have access to a spacious gym, a bar, free internet, and are circled by a natural coral reef, but you also have restaurants, local shops, dive centers, and tours if you travel a few minutes north. Melia Zanzibar sets an amazing standard for all luxury hotels in Tanzania!

2. Boutique Hotel Matlai
Boutique Hotel Matlai

For those looking for a hotel where they can kick back and relax, this one is simply perfect! Boutique Hotel Matlai overlooks the Pingwe beach, which isn’t too crowded during low tides, so you can find cafes that serve tasty grilled sides to full breakfast courses.

More closer to the hotel, you can find a spacious infinity pool surrounded by tall palm trees, free bike hire, and several dining and barbeque services.

Each of these serves fresh delicacies that go from a simple mango soup to more luxurious options that include a rock lobster, which can be made as per request.

You can also find a beach volleyball field and a boule court, so once you come back from an excursion, you can find something that appeals to you. Additionally, you can sit back on the terrace or go to the local spa, which is bound to give your mood an uplift.

3. Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort
Next Paradise

You can find this resort at the very top of the island, so you have an all-inclusive package that has 36 restaurants that are under a mile away so that you can find everything from sushi, noodles, and Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes that are full of flavor.

Once you’re done here, make your way to Nungwi Beach for a change of pace. This picturesque destination offers fantastic boat trips to the neighboring Tumbatu and Mnemba Islands.

While you’re there, explore the top snorkeling spots where you can swim alongside playful dolphins and perhaps even encounter stingrays, puffer fish, and stone fish. This area is truly a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

4. Fun Beach Hotel
Fun Beach Hotel

This hotel is located a few minutes from Jambiani, with both Kuza and Swahili caves nearby, you also have Muyuni forest if you go inland.

At the hotel itself, you can find clean rooms with a rustic charm, which has both calming and bold colors, so you can truly feel you have escaped to paradise, so after marveling at this, you can try a zingy cocktail or the Swahili fish curry and the various pasta dishes.

Beyond this, you have table tennis, table soccer, and even a library if ever you were feeling inquisitive about the surrounding area, but then there are the 3 pools that overlook the beach on the southeast coast, where other amenities are a short walk away.

5. Z- Lodge Zanzibar
Zuri Zanzibar

When thinking about the best luxury hotels in Zanzibar, especially hotels where you can relax to the fullest, there aren’t many places like the Z-Lodge. This amazing resort is just south of the village of Kiwengwa, meaning that you are a few steps away from the beach. You can see the sandy shore from many seating areas, including a hammock that offers complete shade.

You also have Deep Zanzibar, a diving center, which can cater to all levels of experience, where you can go rafting, snorkeling, or just take in the sights you can see from the boat. But what truly sets this place apart are the mesmerizing coral beds and the kaleidoscope of colorful fish species that await beneath the surface.

With a relaxed atmosphere and refreshingly bright spaces, you have a family-friendly space with veggie burgers, fresh cuts of fruit, smoothies, and other dessert delicacies, there is something here for every taste and requirement.

What Is The Best Location To Stay In Zanzibar?

If you seek a bit of variety, the eastern and northeastern regions of the island are an excellent choice. Here, you’ll find a wide selection of the best luxury hotels in Zanzibar, beautiful beaches, and the opportunity to visit local villages.

In this region, the hotels are thoughtfully spaced, ensuring that overcrowding won’t be an issue. While you’re there, you can’t miss out on the charming Pwani Mchangani, a fishing village that can deepen your immersion in the beauty of this island. It’s a perfect blend of relaxation and cultural exploration.


So you’re ready to set off and experience the ultimate getaway, but before you do so, you might want to make sure that you pack adequately for your vacation, which includes day and evening wear, a swimsuit, sunscreen, and a good pair of walking shoes.

Many of the wonders of Zanzibar have to be seen to be believed, so you’ll find that your trip will involve a lot of walking, boat rides, and even car journeys, and some of these can be long, so you want to be flexible here.

Let us make your Zanzibar adventure the best it can be – contact us today and let’s plan a vacation of your lifetime together!

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