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Why we only accept bank transfers

Tanzania Specialist has the goal to deliver the best safari experience for the best prices. To make sure that we can keep doing this, we have to be very strict on what we do and what we don’t do. So we do this also with the payment methods.

Bank transfers are possible for everybody:

Everybody has a bank account, because all other payment methods (like creditcard and Paypal) are connected with a debit card. So although in some countries it is not very common, it is possible. The only thing that you need is the right information. You can find this below.

Why we don’t accept creditcard, Paypal, or other ways of transfer money:

To receive money trough a credit card, this will bring higher costs. Which we simply don’t want, because it will make your holiday more expensive. Having a cheaper price is your direct benefit. This can only be done to minimize costs and risks*.

We are working for very competitive rates and we want to keep doing this.

How How can you make a bank transfer?

We are fully aware that it is not common in all the countries to do a bank transfer. But we do receive bank transfers from all over the world (US, France, Italy etc. etc.) If you have all the needed details, it is not hard to make the transfer. Below you will find all the needed information to make the bank transfer. Most banks do offer this service online.

In case of any questions, your bank can always assist you.

Bank Details Tanzania Specialist:

Bank name : Rabobank

Company Name: Tanzania Specialist B.V.

International Bank Account number : NL39 RABO 0308 5684 78 (in this bank account number only NL and RABO are in letters, the rest are numbers)

BIC/SWIFT code : RABONL2U (Same here RABO is with letters)

Address details of our company Tanzania Specialist:

Company Name: Tanzania Specialist B.V.

Street : Soctratesstraat 1

PO Box : 2675XD

City : Honselersdijk

Country: Holland / The Netherlands

Chamber of commerce: 65050401

VAT Number: NL 8559 61 351 B.01

Address details Rabobank:

Bank name : Rabobank

Street : Leehove 65

PO Box : 2678 MB

City : De Lier

Country: Holland / The Netherlands

What do other say about Tanzania:

To know the reputation of a company, it will always be the best to listen to the ones who have travelled with us before. You can do this on Tripadvisor, google and Facebook. This is the direct link to our Tripadvisor account.

What are your guarantees as a customer:

Tanzania Specialist has almost all the certificates which are available in Europe. We are fully accredited and bonded SGR member: SGR-number 3700.

We want to inspire complete confidence in you, so that when you book with us, you know you’re being looked after from beginning to end. Tanzania Specialist is fully accredited and bonded under SGR. When you pay, your payment will be secured by SGR and this makes it safe. More information about this certificate, you can find here. (Click on the link which is called: “guarantee scheme”.


* Credit cards (and other payment methods) do have the possibility of a charge back. There are reasonable people and not reasonable people. Unfortunately we don’t know who is who in advance. This means that unreasonable people can do a 100% charge back after they have already received all our services (can be done up to 180 days after arrival). In case this would happen we can easily lose a huge amount of money, while we are trying to work for the most reasonable profits. So imagine how many safaris we have to sell to compensate only that one 100% charge back. This is not a healthy situation for any company who is trying to work for competitive rates. So actually this little extra energy to do that bank transfer, will reward you to get this better and more fair price.



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