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Marimbani sandbank

Excursion to Marimbani sandbank!

Important details

  • Minimum 2 Pax
  • Price: $44 pp
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Additional information

Marimbani sandbank is a beautiful half moon shaped sand island which slowly appears as the tide
starts to go out. Revealing itself for a few hours before all too soon, the Indian ocean trickles back in
and swallows it up.
The excursion starts at the Mafia Diving centre and jumping aboard one of the dhows
to slowly motor out into the heart of the marine park for some snorkelling. As the stomachs start to
grumble, you board the dhow once again to then journey west, within minutes, Marimbani comes
into view in all its glory.
From the moment the dhow slides up onto the sandy banks of your little private island, it is
completely up to you how you spend your time. This is one of the most idyllic spots imaginable to curl
up with a book, catch a few sun rays or explore the inter-tidal area and all the creatures it is home to.
While you are getting acquainted with your home for the afternoon, the staff will rustle up a
delightful meal to feast upon. Spending the afternoon with your feet in the sand, the ocean breeze on
your face and a Swahili style BBQ’d fish on your plate, you will dread the moment it is time to leave.
Although the sandbank is typically visited for lunch, sundowners here can be also organized as well as a
morning of swimming and relaxing (depending on tides).

Marimbani sandbank

Mafia Island