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Chole Island

Chole Island offers a snippet of all that Mafia has to offer; history, culture, nature and the most beautiful sunset imaginable.

Important details

  • Duration: 3 hrs
  • Price: $10 pp (Excl. community fee $4 pp, payable directly by guests)
  • Minimum 2 pax
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Additional information

Chole island, once at a crossroads of a major trade route is now considered a place where one can
take a glance back in time. It is one of the smallest of the islands that comprise the Mafia Archiepelago and is located in the South, just across the channel. Chole is around one kilometre long and half a kilometre wide and
bursting at the seams with nature. Mangrove forests, baobab and palm trees are a few examples of the vibrant flora that can be found growing on this magical Island.
Once considered the ‘capital’ of the archipelago, it has since slowed its pace from a bustling port and transformed into an island so unique that it is one of the most memorable adventures one can take whilst visiting. It is a great activity as it offers you a one-stop-destination to sample a snippet of all that Mafia has to offer; history, culture, nature and the most beautiful sunset imaginable.
This late afternoon adventure starts with a short trip over the channel to land on the busy beach. The tour begins with an exciting journey through the various ruins left behind from days long past that are so beautifully riddled with vegetation. A short walk down Chole’s ‘main street’, a dirt path that winds through the various tropical trees, will lead you through the first dedicated fruit bat sanctuary in the world, where one can readily spot the sleeping comores bats high up in the trees.
The walk slowly winds down with a visit to the boatyard where Swahili dhows (wooden boats) are built using traditional methods unchanged over generations, and finally an opportunity to watch the sun set over Mafia from the Red Herring, Chole’s beautiful ocean view bar, before returing home.

Important note: Visitors must respect local culture and cover shoulders and knees when touring the island.

Chole Island

Mafia Island