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Amboni Caves

Discover the Jewel in Tanga’s Crown; the 150 million years old limestone caves near the city of Tanga.

Important details

  • Duration: a few hours
  • Price on request
  • 20 mins drive from Tanga
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Additional information

North of Tanga you can find the Amboni Caves. The caves are also known as the Jewel in Tanga’s Crown and are in fact the only formal tourist destination in the area.

The cave system has never been fully explored, and stories differ as to their length. Some say these caves stretch for over a hundred kilometer, while others say they are just a few kilometers long. In any case, the Amboni Caves are the largest limestone caves in East Africa.

They are located 8 kilometers north of Tanga and were formed about 150 million years ago in the Jurassic era. According to researchers, this area was under water about 20 million years ago. The total cave system is said to cover an area of 234 square kilometers. There are ten caves in total, but only one is used for guided tours.

Amboni Caves