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2 day hike from Ngorongoro to Lake Natron

A scenic hike with Maasai guides and donkeys, from the Empakaai crater in the Ngorongoro Highlands to Lake Natron!

Important details

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Price on request
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Additional information

The hike from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area to Lake Natron begins this morning. Your guide picks you up at the camp in Ngorongoro and takes you to the Empakaai crater where you meet with the park ranger and the Maasai guides who accompany you during this tour. Your luggage is loaded onto donkeys and off you go! If you arrive early, you have the opportunity to first descend to the bottom of the Empakaai crater, where you might catch a flock of flamingos.

Accompanied by the Maasai, the hike towards Lake Natron begins. You pass isolated Maasai villages, but mostly enjoy the silence and seclusion of the wonderful landscape and nature around you. Lunch is either eaten en route in the form of a picnic or in the camp that has been set up in the meantime. If all goes well, you reach a lookout point in the late afternoon, where a breathtaking sunset awaits you. You spend the night in a tent that the Maasai will set up for you.

You can also decide to make a detour to the Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano, which is located in the south of Lake Natron. It is an active volcano, and a sacred site for the Maasai. Ol Doinyo Lengai is the only active volcano in the world that produces carbonatite lava, which creates a landscape that different from any other in the world. You can climb this volcano at night and add this climb to your hike, but be aware that the ascent is not safe and we do not take any responsibility for it.

The next day you reach the East African rift valley and you continue straight to Lake Natron, where you watch the flocks of flamingos on the lakefront.

Hike from Ngorongoro to Lake Natron

Starting point at the Empakaai crater