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Hadzabe Tribe excursion

The Hadzabe Tribe still hunt with bow and arrow on wild animals and gather insects, fruits and honey from the bush. The Hazabe Bushmen are one of the last remaining hunter-gatherers in Africa and live solely of the land. Just as in the Stone Age, like our ancestors did for thousands of years.

Experience the culture, habitat and way of life of the Hadzabe Bushmen first hand on this cultural activity. You go with the Bushman on a hunting trip early in the morning. Learn how they make fire and prepare their food. In the afternoon you will visit a market where Hadze trade their honey, fruits and other things for knives, arrows and spears that the Datoga silvermsith’s make. This cultural activity is absolutely a memorable experience and worth the extra time (3-4 hours).


Price: € 50,- per person

Note that this activity takes an extra safari day

Hadzabe Tribe excursion

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