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Horse riding Moshi

Enjoy the wide range and beautiful surroundings on a horseback safari!

Important details

  • Duration: 2 hrs or 4-5 hrs
  • Price: $116 pp or $167
  • Transport: $180 per car
  • Minimum 2 people
  • For beginner and experienced riders
  • Stay for several days possible on request
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Additional information

This horseback riding experience offers varies routes suitable for different levels. Both beginners and experienced riders can enjoy the wide range and beautiful surroundings!

You will start your stay with an introduction and briefing of your days. You will sit together with the other guests of the same level and discuss in the group which routes you are interested in so you plan together what your day will look like.

The routes that take you outside the farm are reserved for the more experienced riders. Prior to your arrival are requires to fill a questionnaire to estimate your level so that the groups can already be formed accordingly.

Some of the itineraries are as below:

Local Farm Route: The 358 hectare farm consists of plantations, crops and also natural shrubs and meadows. Besides the traditional farm animals, there are also many other animals present such as small divers, bush pigs, jackals, servals, genets and civet cats. However, these animals are rather shy and hard to find. Throughout the day you have a good chance to see Sykes or Vervet monkeys, savannah pavians and a seemingly endless variety of birds.

Maasailand Route: This path runs through farmland and bushes towards Masaailand. When you reach Kikafu River Gorge, you will walk and lead the horses to this enchanting area to explore. Depending on the abilities and condition of the rider, this trail will be classified as an easier (3-4 hours) or more challenging (6 hours) route. For the long route a picnic will be arranged in the river valley. During the half day route you will return to the farm for lunch and a siesta.

Weru-Weru-River Route: This is a half day ride over farmland, through bush, and an exciting river crossing and introduction to the Weru-Weru River. On the way back you will pass a lot of flowers and small farms.

Ride to the giant turtle Tom: This day trip on horseback over a historic bridge to the Kibo-Kikafu plantation, where you visit Tom, the 180 year old turtle. During lunch there is a breathtaking view of the plains.

Early morning or sunset rides: After an early cup of tea or coffee you start with a farm ride before breakfast. You have a good chance to discover some of the animals that share the farm during this time. Or enjoy the last rays of the sun and the sunset on horseback with a sunset ride. If the weather permits you can enjoy breathtaking views of Kilimanjaro in the north, Masaailand in the south and Mt Meru in the west – the best time of the day for fantastic pictures.

Makoa Farm

Moshi region