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Zanzibar Village tour

This village tour gives you an interesting insight into the traditional life of fishing and farming in Zanzibar.

Important details

  • Duration: Full day
  • Price: $135 pp
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Additional information

The tour begins with a visit to a spice plantation. Not only will you see how farmers cultivate spices, fruits and vegetables, you will also get to smell and taste them, as fruit samples and spiced teas are served. At the village of Mchangani, little has changed during the last centuries. Women still use dried palm leaves for weaving mats and thatching roofs. Enter a local house and see how women paint henna and collect water from a well. A local will show and explain you how the coconut is essential for the villagers. You can participate and learn how to remove the husk and witness the grating process. At the Mkokotoni fish market, you can see the variety of fish caught in the Zanzibar seas. Then you will visit a local blacksmith and see how nails are manually made.

Take a lunch break in Nungwi at a local restaurant to taste the Zanzibar cuisine before making the next stops. In Nungwi you will also witness how wooden dhows are built. Last stop is the “Mnarani natural aquarium”, a lagoon which server as a sanctuary for the endangered Green and Hawksbill Sea Turtles. By the end of the day, you will feel having fully immersed in Zanzibar life.

Zanzibar Village Tour