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Scuba diving

Discover the underwater world of the Tanzanian islands on a scuba dive!

Important details

  • Duration: Depends on type of dive/ course
  • Price: Depends on type of dive/ course
  • Full scuba equipment can be rented at dive center
  • Pick up at hotel can be arranged
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Additional information

Zanzibar and Mafia are among the world’s famous places for diving. The underwater world is very big and you will be surprised by all the colors, fish species and sea life. The coral is protected and relatively healthy. The water temperature of the Indian ocean is around 27 degrees celcius almost all year round.

There are many different diving centres that offer scuba diving courses and excursions for beginners up to experienced divers. As most of the scuba diving is tide dependent, departure times, types of dives and conditions vary on a day-to-day basis. Therefore we recommend to arrange your scuba diving directly at your resort in Zanzibar.

Scuba Diving Centre - one of many

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