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Jozani Forest – Half day tour

Explore the various plants and animals, learn about Zanzibar medical cures and walk through stunning scenery like the forest, mangroves and swamps.

Important details

  • Duration: Half day
  • Price: $96 pp (2 people); price goes down depending on group size and location of hotel
  • Travel time: 1.5 hrs depending on hotel location
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Additional information

In the south of Zanzibar, Jozani Forest is a wonder and a delight, with tales of Zanzibar medical cures and stunning scenery. Currently under consideration to become Zanzibar’s second World Heritage Site, the Jozani-Chwaka bay area is a hotspot of biodiversity. The forest is home to a number of endemic species, including the Zanzibar Red Colobus Monkey.

Your park ranger will take you on a nature trail, lined with eucalyptus and mahogany trees and explain the medicinal properties of various plants, and tell you about the animals, birds and reptiles that have their home in the various habitats of this tropical rainforest. Troops of Zanzibar Red Colobus monkeys can be found scrambling from branch to branch, in search of food. The monkeys have become accustomed to people and allow you to get close to them to take photographs as they eat, play and jump from the treetops.

The mangrove boardwalk takes you above the swamp where, depending on the tide, you can see crabs scuttling across the mud. Mangroves play an important role in environmental conservation and as a resource for villagers and community life. Your ranger will explain the different species found in the swamp and their uses.

Jozani Forest