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Go hunting with the Hadzabe tribe

The Hadzabe tribe is one of the few tribes in the world that still live as hunters and gatherers. Join them on a hunt and learn some of their skills!

Important details

  • Duration: Half day
  • Price: $141 per car
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Additional information

At Lake Eyasi you have the unique opportunity to meet the Hadzabe tribe. It is one of the few tribes in the world that still live as hunters and gatherers and you can even accompany the men on the hunt! See how they hunt and kill their prey up close! You will learn a lot about how people used to live and see what skills are required to survive. The head of the Hadzabe tribe are experts in archery as you will see if you go hunting with them.

If you want to go hunting with the Hadzabe tribe, you have to wake up early! The hunt often starts early in the morning, around half past five, and lasts about 3 hours. After the hunt, you can visit a market where the Hadzabe and Dotoga tribe barter with each other. The Hadzabe exchange their captured prey for new arrows (and possibly new bows).

Warning: this activity is not suitable for everyone, you may find the hunt uncomfortable. Remember, however, that this tribe only kills animals to survive and treats nature with great respect. They literally still live the way nature began.

Hadzabe tribe