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Cheetah’s Rock

Learn about animal welfare and wildlife protection.

Important details

  • Duration: Depending on Tour
  • Price: Depending on Tour
  • Great Wildlife Tours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday
  • Minimum age for visitors: 15 years
  • Language: English
  • Booking required in advanced
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Additional information

Cheetah’s Rock is a unique place near Kama Village on the West coast North of Stone Town and South of Nungwi, where people and animals come face to face. In addition to meeting Jenny’s rescued wildlife on the tour, you’ll learn about animal welfare and wildlife protection.

You will learn more about the necessary protection and conservation of endangered species as well as about the behavior of different animal species. You will hear how it is possible to get so close to wild animals with 100% positive reinforcement.

You are welcome to take as many photos as you like. To protect your personal experience and the welfare of the animals, the number of guests on each tour is limited to 37. This means that guests can interact with the animals in a much more personal way. Each guest has plenty of time to take photos and make videos with each wild animal rescued.

Booking: cheetahsrock. org/bookings-prices


Cheetah's Rock