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Canoeing safari

Explore the beautiful nature from another perspective and be active!

Important details

  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Price: $49 pp
  • Transport: $64 per car
  • Travel time: ca. 30 min. drive from Arusha
  • Location: Lake Duluti or in Arusha National park
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Additional information

Canoe safaris are a combination of fun, relaxation and a beautiful way to experience nature from another perspective. You can canoe on the small crater lake, Lake Duluti, close to Arusha town. Surrounded by forest, this lake has a breathtaking scenery and rich bird life, such as eagles, kingfishers and darters.

Around the lakes of Arusha National Park it is even possible to see hippos, giraffes, buffaloes, flamingos and other animals during your canoe safari. It is a peaceful and relaxed experience, just the sound of flowing water and tropical birds. The lakes inside Arusha national park are a perfect choice if you are planning a day there anyway as you avoid extra costs for park fees.

This activity takes about 1,5 hours and is led by an experience guide to guarantee your safety.

Canoeing on the lake

Lake Momella